Affilorama 2016 Review: Is it a scam?


Quick Summary of Affilorama 2016 Review

Rating: 7 out of 10


  • A lot of resources and trainings
  • One of the largest affiliate marketing communities
  • It is free to access and explore
  • The support team is there.
  • $1 premium access for 1 month


  • Basic program is quite limited
  • You need to buy the UPSELL to make your learning progress further
  • You can’t contact Mark directly.
  • Some of the courses are outdated such as back linking strategy (Google will penalize you if you use this practice)
  • You have to buy website domain and hosting elsewhere.


Our Recommendation

Affilorama is one of the largest affiliate marketing communities. They got that big because Affilorama provides good courses and training. They are LEGIT. You will need to pay $67 for a monthly membership.

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, Affilorama will guide you to all the basic. But that’s it. If you want more information, you need to buy the upsells. These upsells could be costly.


Full Review of Affilorama

Affilorama is a place where you can learn about affiliate marketing, building a website and how to earn money online.

They provide information that can get you started. All the courses are laid in plain sight. It is easy to understand and you can start your business. The basic membership fee will be $67 monthly.

After that, you may want to buy additional Affilorama products.



But, first, we should explore the Blog in Affilorama. This is where you can get more information on the ups and downs of the affiliate marketing world. It is so interesting to read the blog and get the new information.

But the blog is rarely updated. Most often that they produce a bi-weekly blog.



This is the place where most interaction happens. You can start a thread and get everyone else to chime in, even the staff.

Because of that, the forum can get to a very heated discussion. You stated one opinion and everyone might judge you on that. I was a bit shocked when I read one of this HOT thread. 😀

But I also found that this thread is a perfect place to exchange information and knowledge. If you have a question, just start a new thread. Staff member and other Affilorama members will immediately (usually within 24 hours) give you answers. Beware, they may provide contradictory opinions. (Thus, the hot thread).

Now let’s go and talk about the products.


Affilo Tools 2016 Review

This tool is still in Beta version. It is free for now but they want to charge $67 for this tool.

When you are new to all data analytics, this tool will look very sophisticated. But it seems that Affilorama does not create anything new with this tool. It just imports all the data from Google Analytics.

The only thing that helps is I do not have to login to Google Analytics to see all my data. Affilorama grabs the data and shows it on the Tool dashboard. It also wants me to add my Clickbank ID just to show my report from Clickbank.

Sadly, when I added my Google Analytics ID, Affilo Tools show my other website data, Be Shaved. I added this website URL but the data is from my shaving niche website.

So, in the end, this Affilo Tools only gather data from my Google Analytics and Clickbank. You can find a much powerful keyword tool here.

affilorama-affilotools-2016 review

Affilo Blueprint 2016 Review

The step-by-step, proven system for making money online (that actually works).

The tagline is really enticing. But, shouldn’t it already include in your monthly membership fee?

This is actually the core of Affilorama. You will learn a lot from this blueprint. This blueprint is the step by step course that Mark Ling used to build his business. It covers:

  1. Market Research and Keywords
  2. Creating Content
  3. Setting Up Your Website
  4. Website Design

You will get:

  • 90+ Step by step video lessons
  • Downloadable lessons & course notes
  • Private members’ forum
  • Lifetime access
  • BONUS: AffiloTheme website builder (worth $97)
  • BONUS: 1-year web hosting for 1 website
  • BONUS: 1-month trial of Affilorama Premium

For additional $197, you can get all of that.

affilorama-affilo-blueprint 2016 review

Affilo Jetpack 2016 Review

This is the motherlode for the upsell for Affilorama. The Affilo Jetpack is an automatic system for 5 websites. This system will dig deep into your pocket and take $997.

Mark Ling promises that he will deliver a system that you can use to farm money. It gives you:

  • 1-year email Newsletter (90 emails @500 words each) with built-in promotion for affiliate products
  • 3 Free Reports (@10,000 words each)
  • 3 eBook graphics
  • Affilo Theme
  • Web Hosting (for 12 months)
  • Website setup

You can use Affilo Jetpack to create a website (or 5) that already has all the contents. But of course, if everyone uses the same content, Google will punish all those people. So Mark recommends you to outsource your contents or you write your own content. So much for automation.


Final Thoughts

So, is Affilorama a scam? I will say it is not.

Is Affilorama worth it? It might for a beginner. I will take advantage of the FREE membership where you can browse around for 7 days and take that $1 Premium membership for one month. Take all the information that I can get and build upon it. I will prepare for the $67 monthly after that.

It is a bit limited when I only choose paid membership. That’s why Mark offers upsell: Affilo Blueprint and Affilo Jetpack.

It is quite expensive if you want to buy both additional products. $197 + $997 = $1.194. That is a lot of money to invest. Remember, both products are different. Affilo Jetpack is not an upgrade for Affilo Blueprint. If you already bought Affilo Blueprint for $197, you still need to pay $997 for Affilo Jetpack.

On top of that, you still need to pay a monthly membership of $67.

In the end, if you have the money and want to learn affiliate marketing, you may choose Affilorama. I really think the products are overpriced when you can get the same or similar information for a cheaper cost elsewhere.

There is only ONE program that gets my #1 recommendation. It helped me to get my first online business. Read here to see how I got it done.


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4 thoughts on “Affilorama 2016 Review: Is it a scam?

  1. Overall, Affilorama seems like a very good program with good value in their training. However, I can’t help but feel programs with extremely expensive upsells showcase some scam tendencies.

    I understand the marketing principle around upselling but it’s only acceptable when it’s optional. Stuff like private one-on-one coaching can be sold for huge amounts, but not information you initially thought you paid for.

    1. Hi Medu,

      Affilorama is a good program. Just like you have stated, extremely expensive upsells are the reason why my alarm went off. It told me to look for the hidden agenda. I have found none so far. It is just expensive.

      I have found a better learning platform at a very reasonable price. Check them out here.

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