Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basic Course

Best Search Engine Optimization Basic Course

Learn Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basic Course.


You will learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through this basic course. A good SEO is a must have for a website to have a good ranking in search engine result page.

Imagine that when you want to know something through the internet. You will open a search engine. Probably Google or Yahoo. Then you entered the term that you wish to know. The search engine will provide you results. Yes, you read that right. RESULTS. Not just one, but a lot.

Which one that you will choose from those results? Usually the top ones, right?

Results above the fold are the winners. They get clicks. People visit those websites. People do not go to the second result page. If they do, they must have finished looking the websites on the first result page. But when did that really happen?


How do I really get a good ranking then? Let’s start our course!


The Purpose of Search Engine Optimization

To create a good user experience. It is the ultimate goal for all websites. You will leave the website if that website is horrible. You want people to stay longer on your website and enjoy the contents.

To tell search engines what your website is all about. If search engines recognize you, they will recommend you in their first pages.


Keyword Research

This is the first step of a Keyword Research search engine optimizationgood SEO. You will need a good Keyword Research Tool. You will need to know if people are looking for your keyword.

A good keyword research tool will give you a report of:

  • How many searches does a keyword get in a period of time.
  • How many traffics does a keyword bring to the website.
  • The competition, i.e.: how many websites are using the same keyword.

You do not want a keyword that has a bloodbath competition. You want to have a unique long tail keyword that people do search.

The keyword also has to make sense. People are using common sense when they are searching for a keyword. You have to target that.


Make Your URL SEO lover

People tend to forget that URL makes the most important position in SEO. It is the address.

Do not make it ugly, like 

Make it sweet just like this post’s URL,


Put Your Keyword at Your Title Tag

This is the second most important SEO factor to consider. Search engines will look this place first before everything else.

Also, add a modifier to your title. Use “2016” (or what year you are now), “Best”, “Guide”, and “Review”. Those words add nicely to your keyword and people do use them while searching.

Do use <H1> tag to your title. This helps search engines to find out about your content.


Use Media To Improve Your SEO

Impress people with images Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricksand videos. People tend to stay longer and enjoy the website better than just all text.

You can grab all the free image from websites like Pixabay. I love that website. You can find tons and tons of good images.

But do not post those images without editing them. I use free image editors like Canva and Pixlr. Canva and Pixlr are powerful image editors. I am not a designer by education. I learned everything by myself.

Remember to put keyword on your Alt Text when you uploaded the media.


Oh.. another trick.


Always save your images and videos with the keyword as their file name.

I also use an image optimizer plugin. This will help to optimize the media size.


Use <H2> tag for Subheadings

Try to put your keyword on the subheadings, too.

Just like a person. Search engines skim your website by reading the <H1> and <H2> tags. It will be wise to put the keyword in there.

Please use a lot of <H2> tags. Subheadings will break your post to parts. It will be easier to read.


Put Keyword in Your First Words

Notice that when search engines show results, they also include a snippet of your website. So put your keyword in your first 100 words. This will help search engines to find your website faster and better.

Do not give a long introduction without the keyword in it. I still find websites that give a long story without getting into the subject. They mention the keyword below the fold.

If I skim the post to find the keyword, I might lose interest because of this tiring long story.


Use a Responsive Theme

People nowadays are using RESPONSIVE website theme for search engine optimizationtheir smartphone to access the internet. If your website doesn’t have a mobile-friendly theme, it will suffer.

Google starts penalizing websites that are not mobile-friendly since 2015

Try switching your theme to a responsive design. A responsive design will automatically show visitors to your website according to their gadget preferences.


Do Not Forget About Outbound and Inbound Links

Outbound links are important. You need to link your website to authority websites. This will tell search engines that your website is trustworthy. This is like you are citing Albert Einstein when you are talking about relativity theory.

Inbound links are links to your own website. You are linking current post to previous posts. This will tell the search engines about the consistency of your website.


Keep Your Website Loading Speed FAST

I am betting that you do not FAST Search Engine Optimizationlike to wait for a webpage to load. Me, too.

That’s why you have to keep your website light and easy to load. Do not use a high-resolution image on your homepage or any pages at all. Unless you are a photographer that exhibit your portfolios, avoid images that are big in file size.

Plugins are also a source of trouble. Yes, there are good plugins. But too many plugins can slow your website. Use only the essentials. I only use several plugins that help me with the SEO.

You can check your website speed at:

Use all of them to make a comparison for your website speed. Do not rely on one metric.


Use Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords

LSI Keywords are a great way to boost your SEO. Search engines will also show results for the keyword’s synonyms. That’s why you have to use different terms every now and then.

An easy way to see your LSI keywords are to check Google’s “Searches related to..” at the bottom of the result page. Use one or two of them.

the online business now searches


Get Social Media Share Buttons

We are living in the social media era. People share things on social media. Why not allow them to share your contents?

Search engines also search social media sharing to give points to websites. More shares mean that the post is beneficial and has authority in it.


Good Quality Long Posts

People love good quality contents. Try to provide 1,000+ words useful contents. This will also increase the reading time.

A longer reading time will tell search engines that your posts are useful. Useful posts are put on the first page of the search result.

On the other hand, if people leave immediately after landing on a page of your website, search engines will mark your website bad. They will put your website at the end of the search result pages.



Compel people to leave search engine optimization interactioncomments on your website. Interactions between you and your readers will “refresh” the website. Search engines love FRESH contents.

So, please, after reading this post, leave your comments or questions below. I love to hear from you.


Plugins for SEO

I use these plugins for my website to help me improve my SEO

  • All in One SEO. You can check a full training here.
  • Ewww Image Optimizer
  • Comet Cache
  • Social Media Feather

Details about all those plugins are in my other post here.


Search Engine Optimization Programs and Tools

There you go. You do not need to buy Search Engine Optimization Programs and Tools. You can do it yourself with all the basic course up there. Buying a program or a tool is something that you might consider later. But not at the beginning of your newly born website.


Final Thoughts

It may seem a lot to take in if you are a newbie in this. Just follow it step by step before you hit that Publish button. You will have a good SEO post or page.

Have you tried all the steps? What is your result? Do you have anything that I can add here?



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30 thoughts on “Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basic Course

  1. Great article. In your course you really break it down for any beginner in SEO. You have packed in a lot of very useful information in your post. I use a lot of photos on my site and it really makes your posts come to life. I also use pixabay and it’s one of the best free resources for any blogger. Thanks for the great article.

    1. Hi Celeste,

      I am glad that this post has helped you. Please share this to your friends.

      Pixabay is growing everyday and its library is getting bigger and bigger. It really helps people that are searching for stock photos.

  2. This is such a great article. It includes everything I need to know about SEO and how to best utilize it from search engine to keyword search. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Really good article, Arief. I think I’m going to re-read this article because I am new to affiliate marketing and find some of the content above useful. It’s right to the point, provides good detail, and keeps my reading till the end. . . Two questions for you though, how do I keep people from leaving my website immediately ? And do I have to keep up on keyword searching and using keywords in my blog posts to really see results in my traffic ?

    1. Hi Thomas,

      I will answer your question immediately:
      1. Just like you said. You read my whole content because it is useful. So write a useful content. People will stay longer. They will also be curious about your other article. People always want more good stuff.
      2. Yes. If you are writing an article, always put keywords in your mind. People search using keywords. Search engines use keywords, too. So, it makes sense to use keywords in your blog posts.

  4. Arief,
    Very good basic steps for the best in SEO for getting to the first page of a search engine. Getting above the fold on page one is the trick. Having multiple pages that rank and are connected as you state with inbound links will help a great deal.
    Having a great keyword tool and knowing how to use it will get you to page one. Keeping it on page one will also take some work, as you will have to keep adding content to keep it fresh. One way to keep adding content is to get your visitors to ask questions or make comments as you state, this will keep the search engines interested in your content. Very nice article for someone who is trying to make money with a website.

    1. Hi John,

      It is our job to make sure that our website is always fresh. Search engines love it. I will be adding new content on a regular basis, too. Thank you for stopping by.

  5. Well done article. I know how important SEA optimization is for a blog to be successful, especially if you are trying to make money through it, but it can really be confusing sometimes. Thanks for the great info. I’ll definitely be checking back when i’m trying to get my own keywords.

  6. As I have recently started creating my first website I have learned to create quality posts. My next aim is to learn what SEO is all about and incorporate this into my site. If I do so then I know at my posts will rank high and so will my site.

    I haven’t yet though used LSI. I hadn’t even thought of looking down at the bottom of the Google search page so thank you for that tip.

    1. You are welcome, Owain.

      LSI is something to think about. Google doesn’t like keyword stuffing. That’s why we need to change our “keywords” to its LSI synonyms.

      This will benefit our website as the LSI will add more keywords that can be rank.

  7. Wow…Jaaxy is the keyword tools I really need for my website but sorry because is not a free tool. Also thank you so much for Pixabay – great pic here and be sure I am going to keep an open eye here to use some HD photo from here into my lovely website I create trough Wealthy Affiliate training and courses. Be sure I already Bookmark your post as the most interesting I find today and I’ll be back here to learn more and more and also to use this tools as resources o optimization on my website.

    1. Hi Lucian,

      Jaaxy is a great tool. You can have 20 free searches to see if Jaaxy is suitable for you. A very powerful tool.

      Pixabay is a great resource, too. HD photos are easy to be incorporated into your websites.

      Be sure to check out other articles on this website.

  8. Superb article. I am newly started website and its in born stage only. Now i have got an idea how to build my website and get more traffic. Thank u very much. Waiting for few more articles related to web development. I have a doubt on outbound links that is clarified now.

    1. Hi Brahma,

      I will provide more articles about web development. I hope you can use this Basic SEO course to your advantage. Thank you for stopping by.

  9. Thanks Arief. I have a couple questions.

    You are saying long posts is what to shoot for. So, it’s better to write less frequently but longer posts than more frequently but shorter posts?

    Also, I know Facebook and Twitter are pretty huge in terms of their potential to generate traffic. However, they are too overcrowded. If I just use, say, google plus and LinkedIn, would these two be enough?


    1. Hi Margarita,

      Quality posts trumps quantity posts. But on the other hand, Google loves an active website.

      So, you should balance between them.

      I will not say Facebook and Twitter are overcrowded. They are still the best traffic sources. People are more active there.

      Just learn how to capitalize on their crowds.

  10. Hi there. This is another great article that you have written here. There is a lot of very valuable information here. I have been doing SEO for quite a while now and I think you have covered everything really well.

    Its easy to forget some things, even when you are working online all the time. I had completely forgotten about saving my image files with the keyword. That’s a good tip that I will start to use.

    Interaction and compelling people to write on your site is a good tip too. It really helps with the overall SEO of the site and shows Google that your content is worth interacting with.

    Thanks for another good read!

    1. Hi again, Andrew!

      Google use the keyword to search and sort their image search result page. Your image file name will definitely on Google and help your website to rank better. This step is often forgotten by people that do SEO.

      But the most important thing is the content. People come for the content. If they like what you write, they will stay longer. This is the main matrix for Google. They love to measure user experience to rank websites. That’s why we need to write an article that encourages interaction with the readers.

  11. Hello Arief,

    Thank you so much for sharing with me these SEO basic tricks. I have my personal website but to be frank with you, I’m not getting any better ranking.

    I now understand that I need a keyword Tool to be able to use proper Keywords with low competition that will also get search result and traffic to my website.

    I have seen all your tricks, for instance you mentioned about using a good URL. But personally, I think for me, what I really need now is a Keyword Tool.

    So my question is is there any keyword tool that you think will be the best for use? Which will give me all that you mentioned. Competition, Search Result and even Traffic?

    I will be happy to hear your reply. Thanks

    1. Hi Stephen,

      I am glad that you found my article helpful. I hope that you can tweak your website and get better ranking as a result of this information.

      For Keyword Tool, I will recommend you to try Jaaxy. It is the best option for me so far.

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