Blueprint Pro Review – Is it a scam?


Blueprint Pro Review – Is it a scam?

Blueprint Pro is a program created by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. This scam review is trying to find out if Blueprint Pro ripping you off or not. If you want a quick result, Blueprint Pro is not a scam but I will choose a better program.


What is Blueprint Pro?

This is a program that targets NOT a new internet marketer. Even though they said that you can start from scratch, you should have some basic internet marketing. They design the program to help people that had been hit by the Panda and Penguin updates.

Blueprint Pro is an internet marketing course that helps you build a website and make money from the internet.


What if I Am a Total Newbie?

Well, you can still benefit from this program. It has a lot of resources. The training consist of 6 steps:

  • The Welcome and The Basics
  • Selecting the market and preparing your website
  • SEO training
  • Traffic
  • E-Commerce and PPC
  • Making it work


The welcome part consists of some welcome and goal setting videos. It also includes PDF files so you can learn more.

Selecting the market gives out an extensive explanation on how you choose your niche. 6 videos in total.

SEO training is rather average with only 10 videos on the subject. SEO is the most important thing when you are creating an online business.

Traffic training focuses on bringing visitors to your websites. They will discuss PPC, Facebook, and Youtube as your main source for traffic.

E-Commerce and PPC will focus on your marketing strategy. This step will help you setup your website for the online business.

The final step is to bring all together.


You may have to digest all the steps very slowly because you are a total newbie. You may even have to search Youtube for basic training on website building.


How Much Does Blueprint Pro Cost?

According to its landing page, Blueprint Pro has a special introductory price of $97. That price is for the first month and the month after it and after it and so on. Yup. It is $97 monthly.

This price is a bit steep for me. I have found a better program with a more reasonable price at $49 monthly.


Blueprint Pro Review – Pros and Cons

I do like some positive points Blueprint Pro has:

  • It has a large library of videos and courses.
  • It has a support
  • 30-day money back guarantee. No question ask
  • No Upsells


Some negative points Blueprint Pro has:

  • It is rather expensive
  • Some support may be received after 1 week.
  • You can not try it for free
  • There is no replacement forum (the first forum was spammed that the owner had to shut it down)
  • Once a month update


Who is Blueprint Pro for?

Even though Blueprint Pro targets people who have been hit by Panda and Penguin updates, new marketers can learn from it. It will be a rather steep learning. If you want a full approach from basic to advance, you may want to consider my #1 recommendation.


Blueprint Pro Access

People are searching for Blueprint Pro Access on Google. This means that people want to see what’s inside of it before they give their money away.


Blueprint Pro Access, even the Facebook Group, is very “secretive”. Alright, you may say that it is for members only. I will not argue further.  “Don’t judge a book by its cover” has been strongly embedded inside my heart that I need to read some part of the book before I buy it. Inside access is what people want.


Final Thoughts on Blueprint Pro

I can’t say that Blueprint Pro is a scam. It provides a good source for learning internet marketing. Sadly, it has a limited library and an average support. It has a quite expensive membership fee, too.

There are other programs like Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate that offers Basic to Advance programs. You should check them out before deciding on anything.


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6 thoughts on “Blueprint Pro Review – Is it a scam?

  1. Hi Arief,
    I am wondering if this program provides hosting services since you mentioned about preparing a website?
    I think for advance training $97 seems to be the price that other program is charging. I have seen one which cost about $1000/year. Do you know if Blue Print Pro offer a annual deal?

    1. Hi Kien,

      No. They do not provide hosting services. You should get the service from someone else. That’s why Blueprint Pro is a bit expensive. They do not offer yearly membership, too.

  2. Hi Arief,
    Thank you for the Article!
    Honestly I have never heard of blue print until reading this article.Honestly for the price they are charging you would think there would be better services.There doesn’t seem to be one thing I was looking for though.
    Do you have to install software on each device you use this program on?

    1. Hi Carlton,

      They do not need to be installed. Mostly it is a video training class. You can watch and learn. But, yeah, there are better and cheaper options out there. Just read my #1 recommendation!

  3. Well, it might have some interesting and useful information on there, but I think it’s way to expensive. And paying that every month? There better be some serious training inside! Well, I don’t like the fact that there is no free way to try it out. I think it’s really important to let people try your product before they decide to buy it.

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