Can Affiliates Really Earn an Income From Niche Marketing?

Can Affiliates Really Earn an Income From Niche Marketing-

Can Affiliates Really Earn an Income From Niche Marketing?

Are you wondering can affiliates really earn an income from niche marketing? Can you really make significant money using affiliate marketing? Is this not a scam? How to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners?


How Much Can You Earn From Affiliate Niche Marketing?

This is the golden question that is always asked by the new people. The question is never fixed at a certain number. It fluctuates from nothing to million of dollars.

Like everything in life beside death, nothing is ever certain. There are many factors that can make you or break you in the affiliate niche marketing.

I hope you will have a better understanding about how affiliate niche marketing works after reading this article. You will also have a certain dollar number in your head afterwards.


How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing for Beginners?

1. Find Your Passion

This is so cliche but it is also so true. You need to find your passion. Passion will be your fuel and driving force when you are faced against obstacles. You cannot not have a passion.

What is a passion?Find Your Passion and Drive

A passion is something you are happy about. You will do it relentlessly. Good is never good enough. You will always seek ways to better it.

You will find that your passion will consume you. It is a good thing.

Your passion will bring values to you and others. Sure, there will be others that say you are crazy.

Take Kobe Bryant for an instance. He knew what he want and really passionate about it. That’s why he is one of the best basketball players that ever played in the NBA.

He deliberately had a shooting training routine. He had to make 700 to 1,000 made shots a day. Talking about crazy. Will you do 1,000 made shots? If you miss, it doesn’t count. That is a PASSION.


2. Find a Niche

Now you already understand about passion. What is yours? Do you relentlessly read books?
Do you always seek ways to improve yourself? You can’t think other than your children? Do you go to the gym regularly and can’t wait to do it again?
Does your pet always on your mind? How about the newest iPhone? Other gadgets?
I always love playing computer games, how about you? Are you trying to beat your own record?

Do you see a pattern there? I believe that anything can be a passion for somebody. You choose one niche that you:

  • Cannot stop talking about (everyone in the world must know this)
  • Have a deep understanding
  • Willing to seek more information on it

In other word: You are passionate about it.

Choose a Specific Niche

But that is not enough. You probably will choose a wide niche. Too broad. Let me give you an example.

You love reading books. You cannot choose BOOK as your niche. You need to go further than that.

There are non fiction books and fiction books. What will you choose? Let’s assume that you love fiction books.

But fiction books also have dramas, thrillers, sci-fis, etc. What will you choose as your niche?
Let’s go with sci-fi and fantasy.

You see that we already have gone to regular books to sci-fi and fantasy books. You can even go deeper to the age differentiation. Books for teenager are different than for more mature readers.


3. Build a WebsiteBuild a Website

Now that you already have a specific niche at your hand, you will need a website.
Why do I need a website for?
Simple. It will be your store. Your front end. Your website will be where people stop by and shop.

You will have to build a website. If you do not know how to build it, do not worry. I was once a helpless kid that do not understand anything about website building.

Today, it is so easy to build a website. Even under 5 minutes. You just need to pick a name for your website. It will be the address. Just like this website :

I suggest you to pick a name that:

  • Have your niche’s keyword. Back to the book niche example. You can have,, or
  • Brandable. I have seen website that does not have any meaning. It will be hard to brand this website. Unless you are like CNN or NBA, please choose a website address that makes sense. That way you can promote it and build a strong brand.


4. Find an Affiliate Program

This is the fun part. This is how you are going to earn money online. This is where your online business starts.

There are so many affiliate programs out there. You will easily find niche products that you can promote. Search Google.

For example: Search Shoes affiliate program. Google will give you a list of shoes affiliate programs. You just choose that fit your specific niche.

If you have browse enough, apply for the affiliate program that you want. They will see your website then decide if your website is suitable for them, too. The key for approval is to have good contents on your website.

A fresh new website with little to no contents will be rejected. Remember that when you are applying for an affiliate program. Add more contents to your website first.

Some affiliate programs that perform well:

  • Clickbank
  • Click Junction
  • Flexoffers
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Wealthy Affiliate


5. Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Program LinkDrive Traffic to Your Website !

This is where your money comes from. You will make sure that your website can be find by other people. If people can not find it, they will not visit your website. No visitors means no people spending their money on your website.

You need to get yourself a Google Search Console ID, Bing webmaster ID, and Yandex webmaster ID. They are search engine. So it is a very wise move to have their ID and submit your website to them. It is to tell them that your website has a new content or an update.

When search engines recognize your website and your updates, they will show your website on their search results. But on what page? This will definitely depends on your keyword and keyword competitions. To be on page one, you need to have a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Page one is where all the hype is. People do not want to click to page 2. They will search their queries on the page one result. That is why you need to have a good SEO.

When you are on the first page, you are more likely be getting visits. Getting visits means your affiliate links (within your article) will get exposures. Exposures will bring sales. That’s where your money coming from.


6. Content! Content! Content!Give value they will want more

Read that again, please! Content is basically what makes people decide whether to trust you or not, whether they buy from your affiliate link or not.

I do not mean that you should always write a SALES letter (blog). You just need to have a good content. A content that people will love. A content where people can find help. Give them values.

Give values

That is what your content should be. Nothing else. You will give values to your readers.
Give them information. Make a valid recommendation.

When people are given values, they will be thankful. They will stay longer on your website. They might sign up to your newsletter. They will click your affiliate link.

Good content that gives values will retain visitors. They will keep coming back for more. There is something addictive when you receive good values.


7. Expect A Lot of Work

When you have come to this section, you now there are works need to be done. When affiliates really earns an income from niche marketing, they certainly have done their homework. There is no free lunch.

If you come across an affiliate program that says you don’t have to do anything, leave immediately. The golden rule for these kind of offers is “If it is too good to be true, they are hiding something bad”.

You need to search for a specific niche. You need to research keyword. You need to write contents. You need to tell search engines about your updates. You need to advertise your posts. You need to build relationship with your readers. Oh.. don’t forget about social medias. They can be your best allies in this warfare.


8. Understand Your Audience

Write for your audience. Do not write for you. That’s why you need to understand your audience. The best way to learn about them is to join your niche’s forums. Forums can give you insight about everything that people talk about in your niche.

In niche forums, you can find:

  • The best deals
  • How to
  • Troubles and Solutions
  • News
  • People

The most important thing in niche forums is the people. They are definitely know the niche. You can harvest their knowledge and use it on your website.

They can give you feedbacks. They might help you with product samples, the know hows, the tricks, service centres, etc. Just don’t spam the forum. Ask nicely.


9. Learn From Other AffiliatesKeep learning from other affiliates

Birds of a feather flock together. Great minds think alike.

Those idioms hold the truth. You should join a forum where affiliates gather together. You cannot do this alone. Affiliates really earn an income from niche marketing by helping each other. I know one forum for that: Wealthy Affiliate.

It is hard to say that Wealthy Affiliate is only a forum. It is a learning place. You can learn everything about affiliate niche marketing there. They provide tools and classes to help you move forward and achieve your online business goals.

The people there are amazing. They hold nothing back when helping new affiliate to start his/ her new online business. I was overwhelmed by their kindness and warm welcome. Experience it yourself!



Can affiliates really earn an income from niche marketing? I will say: Yes, THEY CAN. It will take a lot of time and energy. You need to work hard at it. Do not think that this is an easy job to do.

Yeah, you can do affiliate marketing from the comfort of your own home but do not take it for granted. This is a business after all. You need to make it profitable. That is how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners.

Do you have questions? Have you done affiliate niche marketing? What are your results?




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4 thoughts on “Can Affiliates Really Earn an Income From Niche Marketing?

  1. Great post Arief. You covered so many different points in a really structured way. I think anyone new to niche marketing would find your article very helpful.

    I especially like what you wrote in the beginning about passion. I feel it’s so important to be passionate about the niche you choose.

    I’ve chosen niches before that I thought I was passionate about, until I had to create content, then I realised it wasn’t the right niche for me. But thanks to the help of Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve now been able to find niches that I’m passionate about, and I can make them more specific to improve earning potential.

    So I feel you have included a very important step for any affiliates who want to earn an income with niche marketing.

    Wishing you all the best!

    1. Hi, Stephanie.

      Passion is really important to everything that we do. If we don’t have it, we will do our work half-heartedly.
      I am glad that you have found niches that you are passionate about. Good luck with your endeavour.

  2. Affiliate marketing is one of the few legit ways to make money online. I feel like a lot of people think affiliate marketing, and companies which promote affiliate marketing are all scams due to the high level of scam websites out there. Although I believe you should be careful and just because a website promotes affiliate marketing does not mean they are legit I do believe that affilate marketing is the only legit way that I know of to make money online.

    1. Hi, Matt.

      You are right. There are too many scam websites. You just have to be careful. That is why I also recommend a due diligence on any opportunities.

      I agree with you that affiliate marketing is the only legit way that I know of to make money online.

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