Has Anyone Tried Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps? – A Review

Tai Lopez 67 steps review scams

Quick Summary of Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps.

Rating: 6 out of 10


  • Tai Lopez gives you good advice
  • He read tons of books – save you time to read
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Twice a month Live Coaching Calls


  • No Training, just videos. (Twice a month is too few)
  • Somehow I think Tai talks too much.
  • He charges $67 monthly. I rather buy books with that budget
  • He repeats point after point (saying that they all are connected)
  • Upsell

Our Recommendation:

We can not say Tai Lopez is a total scam. Tai’s advice are good common senses gathered from good books out there. He comprised them to just 67 steps. If you are able to follow the steps, you will have a positive change in your life. You can register for his program here.

But you can find almost all his teachings from his Youtube account anyway. Tai Lopez has a great amount of videos on Youtube.

I suggest you to read more books rather than applying for his course.


Full Review of Tai Lopez 67 Steps

I am a person that loves self-development books. I love to read and learn. It seems that Tai Lopez has the same love for those books as I have.

He mentioned two of my favorite books in the introduction video: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz.

Those two books are the first two books of many that have changed my life. I never knew that my dream was too small. I had to change my dream to a bigger one.


Is Tai Lopez 67 steps a scam?

By listening to his video presentation above, I can’t say that Tai Lopez is a total scam. He presented a good amount of common senses.

He said everything that I have learned from all the books that I read. Nothing new. But I have read a lot of books. If you are not reading a book a month, I really recommend you to get started.

Tai Lopez is just a guru (can I give him that title?) that want to share his knowledge with a monthly charge.


So should I listen to Tai Lopez?Tai Lopez 67 steps review scams 3

Yes and No.

Yes. Because you never know what life story a person has. The wisdom from it might benefit you. In his video, Tai Lopez seems genuine enough to tell his life story. I am being reminded of life’s basic principles.

No. Because you can buy books and read them. I still love to read books but I am finding it really hard to find time to do it now. Everything is so fast moving now. Reading books seem a bit a hustle now. That’s why sometimes I prefer to watch a seminar or a training online.

BTW, he also listed some good books to read on his website. He insisted people on reading a good amount of books, which I agree.


Why 67 steps?

Tai Lopez quoted a research that says to form a new habit, you need 67 days. That’s why he will give you steps in 67 days. Hopefully, by the end of 67 days, you will already develop a new habit.

I really prefer to read books for the whole 67 days. I might end up reading 12-15 books.


Will Tai Lopez 67 steps worth it?

I really don’t know. Like I said, I prefer to buy books on self-development. If you don’t have time to read books, maybe Tai Lopez’s 67 steps is for you.

Knowledge is not the same as information. You can get information from reading a book. Knowledge is applying that information in your life. Knowledge is having it as a lifestyle.

That is why registering for his course is really up to you.


Who is Tai Lopez?

I can’t find anything good about the history of Tai Lopez. He had been mentioned in connection with Elite Global Dating, LLC. Sadly, that company has a bad reputation. Mostly with credit card charges that weren’t sanctioned by the owner.

But he has made it where he is now. I must applaud him for that. He now has several internet companies. He has helped a lot of people with his 67 steps. Of course, there are many people that he is exaggerating. Even call him a scammer. 

Do you believe in second chance? I do.


Why do people call Tai Lopez a Scammer?Tai Lopez 67 steps review scams 2

In his video presentation above, people already said that he rented the condo. Even his Lamborghini is a rented one. But renting those items need money, right? Not a cheap rent, definitely.

I do not like how he is “presenting” a good life with luxuries. There are nothing wrong with luxuries but a good life is not about them.

But again, it is a marketing ploy that every marketer uses. So, I am not holding it against him.

Tai Lopez 67 steps list:

  1. Worth a damn factor
  2. Adaptability
  3. Humility
  4. Good artists copy, great artists steal
  5. Poor friends, rich friends
  6. The sculpture approach
  7. Learnt helplessness
  8. Don’t compartmentalise your life
  9. Simulation machines
  10. A nation is born stoic and dies epicurean
  11. The whisper of 10 000 generations
  12. Your signature strength
  13. Don’t pursue what you lust but what you like
  14. Pragmatic pessimism
  15. Do the math
  16. Be a collector, have the edge effect
  17. Work 100 hours a week while others work 40
  18. The contrast bias
  19. Investor approach
  20. Reengineer the present
  21. PASE
  22. 7 step scientific approach
  23. Land the plane
  24. Most of us are rewarded for activity, you need to win wars
  25. Seasons of a project
  26. F22 exercise
  27. Wolf pack and its criteria
  28. Plan the day productively
  29. Don’t waste your life
  30. Be light, embrace ignorance, be efficient
  31. Trust but verify, know what your employees are doing
  32. Choose the right slot machine
  33. Don’t bother the pigsTai Lopez 67 steps review scams 4
  34. 10 dark years, go up fast, go down fast
  35. Careful to who you listen to, become elitist
  36. There are irresistible forces at work, guard yourself
  37. Land, labour, capital
  38. Get rid of idiots, suckers and low self-esteem people
  39. Do something that’s unique to your story in this competitive world
  40. Practical pessimism
  41. Be a shaker, an analyser, a reader, make things happen
  42. You need the ability to geniusly prioritise your life
  43. Weird people are simply… stupid
  44. Penny wise, dollar foolish
  45. “I don’t even know how people sleep with all this opportunity”
  46. Build exact systems, then increase scale
  47. The 5% twick and 38% start
  48. Trust in the process and tall puppy symptom
  49. Ratcheting and the 4 bases
  50. Only masters remain, hire fast fire fast
  51. Being understood is the foundation of persuasion
  52. Pareto efficiency
  53. 3 foot world and enhancing the financial vehicle
  54. Get the board of critics and ask “why” 3 times
  55. Optimal stopping & inverse rationality
  56. Courage and bravery
  57. “Unstompable” factor and curiosity
  58. Be prepared when the opportunity comes in life
  59. Excellence in tangibles and intangibles
  60. Impatiently patient! Ratchet it!
  61. Opportunity cost and the units of freedom
  62. Build “forgiveness” everywhere; no kindness of strangers
  63. Every bad action = 3 good deeds
  64. Knowing who’s in the room & actions do change feelings
  65. Don’t be a diletont, drink deep and sip none
  66. Fundamentals not complicated truths
  67. Nuke the amygdala, you have to fail and be judged to succeed! Expose yourself!

I will not go into the details on all the 67 steps here. But I found a person’s note on all the 67 steps. Worth a read a bit.

So, Is The 67 Steps Still Worth It?

Lopez still delivers a good advice. You may learn a lot from him from some of his first videos. After 5-6 videos, you may notice that he gets repetitive.

You may want to watch his podcasts and Youtube videos. They will give you a good idea what he is going to teach you. 

I will not take his course because I have tons of books on the subject that Tai covers. I need to read them again and again. But if you still want to learn from Tai Lopez, go here.

I will list all the classic books that really help me over the years:

  1. The Magic of Thinking Big
  2. How to Win Friends and Influence People
  3. Five Love Languages
  4. Rich Dad Poor Dad
  5. Think and Grow Rich

Those books will also help you to become a better person and a better future, too. Go get them!


If you really want to get a good life, change yourself first. I will suggest you to take a look on my #1 recommendation. It is a place to learn to build a business and how to change ourselves.


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12 thoughts on “Has Anyone Tried Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps? – A Review

  1. Thanks for the review. I think after reading your article I will check out Tai Lopez on YouTube and watch some of his videos there.
    What do like the best about his videos?


  2. Great post I have literally seen this dude like 40 times this week on ads on YouTube I have wondered who he was and what he does.

    His house is huge by the way. But yea great insight and thanks for going into detail on who this guy is and what he’s about.

    You saved me a lot of headache writing this.

    Would you recommend anyone to this Tai guy?

    1. Hi heathguy33,

      Just like my rating and my post said, I rather buy books. Because books are my passion. I love to read them A LOT. But if you have a visual preference, maybe Tai’s videos are for you.

  3. I’m surprised Tai Lopez’s program got such a bad review. I think some people might learn better with videos who just don’t like to read but $67 a month for 2 videos a month does seem a bit pricey…Overall I enjoyed the review. Another book I would recommend to your list is “Influence”. Its a book about how marketers influence buyers and the many ways in which we are ‘swayed’ by marketers and salemen. Really good book.

    1. Hi Matt,

      Just like I have mentioned, people seems really hard to forgive him for the mistakes in the past.
      I will check the Influence book. Do you know who is the author?

  4. Hey Arief thank you for the heads up. I agree that you do need some kind of training rather then just a video. Also you said you found information that he is connected to a bad company, not good in my book. I will check out that program to change myself before anything else. Thank you for this great review.

  5. Hi Arief, I did enjoy your review of Tai Lopez. From my own research I have found the free advice he gives everywhere online is better than the $67 version. I was not surprised when I found this quote “His 67 steps are basically a reiteration of Jack Canfield’s book The Success Principals which covers 64 steps very similar to Tai’s 67, and Jack’s book is only $15, compared to Tai’s $67 Steps.” He may have some good advice for some, but I think he is just trying to take people’s money for information they can find for themselves online. You have done a wonderful review and I feel much the same way you do, I would rather read a book! Wishing you much success!

    1. Hi Linda,

      That’s great that you have found my review useful. I totally agree with your quote. It is better to read books. But people wants something instant. That’s what Tai Lopez brings to the table. “You do not like to read? I read it for you!”

  6. Hello Arief…

    I have been researching internet marketing for over 3 years now and have to say I have never heard of this guy before. There are so many people out there trying to gain entry into the new beginner’s market I don’t think this is a person I would pay ‘to listen to’.

    I respect the way you have given a balanced perspective about Tai Lopez but if he’s already been connected with anything remotely fraudulent on the internet I would not invest my money with him.

    I would be interested to know how you found out about him….

    1. Hi Steve,

      I know that Tai has been connected with a bad business history. It came up during my research about him. But again, I believe in the second chance. I see that Tai is doing really nicely now.

      I noticed him around my Youtube account. Somehow his videos always showed up. I was intrigued to find out who he is.

      What I found is not too bad but I can’t say that he is that good.

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