How to Make Money with Pokémon Go


How to Make Money with Pokémon Go

There are ways to make money with Pokémon Go. I will share some ideas that you can possibly do with it. The latest update of Pokémon Go made the game more interesting.

Maybe you are thinking why I discuss Pokémon Go. I know that this website is all about making money online. You will see one of the options is to build a website around this new and exciting


A Childhood Dream

It has been my dream to become a Pokémon trainer. Now Nintendo has made it possible.

I am still searching for a Pikachu though. The movie makes the character so lovable that I want one. What is your favorite Pokémon?

While I’m happy that this game is available now, I also see the money in it. LOL. There are ways to make money with this Pokémon Go, an app from Niantic. Let’s see some of them.


Become a Pokémon Trainer

This is the basic of the game, yet people often too lazy to do it. Most likely, they do not know how to play the game. I’ve seen people throw the phone to catch the Pokémon.

It is a simple game. You just swipe your finger to catch the Pokémon when they appear.

This simple method is your first monetization opportunity. If you are really good with Pokémon Go, sell your skill.  You can charge your service for $20 per hour or more. That’s easy money by playing what you love.


Sell Your Pokémon Go Account

I know that people sell game account since World of Warcraft. Heck, I even read that a Chinese Girl never went home for several years because she lived in the internet cafes by playing games. Apparently, she managed to make an income that can sustain her for 10 years.

You can sell your Pokémon Go account. Of course, the selling price will be varied depends on several factors. Your player team, skill and how much Pokémon you have are amongst them.

If you have a rare Pokémon, your account will easily fetch several hundred dollars.

You can sell your account at sites like eBay and

Be careful. Niantic will not love you if they catch you doing this. It is against their Terms and Conditions for selling Pokémon Go account.


Become a Driver for Pokémon Go Player

I have heard that a friend of a friend of mine just grab an Uber just to help him move around between Pokestops. He only asked for the driver to drive slowly and safely so he can capture all the Pokémon along the way.

Why not you drive the Pokémon Trainer around? The new update allowed passengers to play Pokémon Go while on “high” speed. It makes hatching an egg a lot easier.


Become a Lure Dropper

You can approach some fine establishments around a Pokestop. Tell them that you can drop a lure at the Pokestop. This will lure not only Pokémon but Pokémon Go players. Arrange with the establishment to have a 4 hours or an 8 hours Pokémon hunting.

Places like cafes or malls will love the idea. You can charge double the price of a lure. You simply buy the lure packs and mark them up.

While making sure that the lure is always available, you can do the “Become a Pokémon Trainer” service. You can capture a lot of Pokémon while the lure is active. One stone, two birds.

By the way, maybe you ask why the establishments don’t do this themselves? It is because they might be too busy serving their customers or do not have the resource to maintain the lure.


Egg Hatching and Buddy Service

If you commute a lot, why not offer an egg hatching service. The new buddy system also demands you walk your buddy.

You can take other people’s Pokémon Go account and take them for a walk. You can charge per km. Maybe $1 per km. So the pricing will be $2 for 2 km egg, $5 for 5km egg, and $10 for 10 km egg.

You can take your bicycle and have a spin around the block. You will be healthier and $10 richer.



Write a Guide

You can write a full and comprehensive guide and sell it as an eBook. People love to find out how to catch a Pokémon, when to use a Berry, or how you win a battle at a Gym.

You can sell your eBook on Amazon or on your own website.


Make and Sell Pokémon Related Items

If you are into arts and crafts, why not make Pokémon related items and sell them. Etsy is a marketplace that full of all Pokémon stuff. I see lovely earrings, T-shirts, and even a real size Pokeball.


Build a Website or an App

Like I said in the beginning. You can build a website or an app for this game. You can find PokéAPI, PoGoToolkit and Poke Assistant for inspirations.

Create similar apps and you can earn money. Or use existed apps and make them better.


Final Words

Like any hype in the world, this Pokémon Go will surely be gone. Not in the near future, though. Niantic keeps updating with a new feature that always makes me want to play some more. Surely, some of the ideas above will still be valid for months to come.

I have this idea. I hope it will reach Niantic and they make it a reality. I wish that Niantic has the ability to gift or trade a Pokémon with our friends within Facebook or Google Plus.

Of course, this beats the purpose of HUNTING Pokémon. But, hey, why not?

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6 thoughts on “How to Make Money with Pokémon Go

  1. Thank you Arief, great information on you blog about Affilorama, I was sent an email about the company, but at the time i didn’t have time on my hands to read about them. I think now I will just stick to WA because there is so much here to learn and inhale all the information and educational tools we need to progress further, through our online business. Thanks again!


    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      It is a good company but I prefer Wealthy Affiliate.

      By the way, do you play Pokémon Go? What is your favorite Pokémon?

  2. I laughed so hard at “I’ve seen people throw the phone to catch the Pokémon”. Is that for real? Lol.

    But anyway, this is something I never considered and I think you can really make a profitable business out of Pokemon Go. You just have to watch out for Nintendo and their policies – for some reason they’re really hard even on their fans, let alone the people who try to make money by using the company’s titles.

    1. Hi Dmitry,

      It is a good business if you can make money with Pokémon Go. But like I already mentioned, the business may decline as soon as Pokémon Go disappear. That is not going to happen soon, though. It is in the rising stage. You can still make a lot of money with Pokémon Go.

  3. Heh, you blew my mind with that one.
    Didn’t think making money with Pokemon go was even a thing – to think that people actually but this sort of stuff? absurd.
    Yet they do, and maybe there’s more value in it than you might think.
    Great post, rock on my friend!

    1. Hi Vlad,

      It is a great opportunity to use the trend. Pokémon Go is a game that will have a long run. It is being updated regularly to accommodate the fans’ dreams. We can benefit from it.

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