How To Set Up My Website? A Video Tutorial


How To Set Up My Website? A Video Tutorial

Setting up your website for the first time can somewhat confusing. I will give you a short video tutorial on how to set up your own video for free.

I will use this website as an example so you can see how easy it is to set up your very own website.

WordPress Dashboard

This is the first step. Login to your WordPress Dashboard. At this stage, you should already have a working website. By working, I meant that you already have a domain and a website theme set up.

Your WordPress site will have the basic post and comment. We will deal with them later. You do not want out of context contents, do you?

Now. If you are inside Wealthy Affiliate, they have managed to make login to WordPress is a simple process. All you have to do is go to Site Manager and click Login!the-online-business-now-wealthy-affiliate-login-button
This will show you all users and their login preferences. No more manual logins.

You can also check your website login details: usernames, passwords, and FTP details are here. This is where you get all the manual login data. Be careful. If you change your password manually, you may not have the auto login ability.


How To Install and Activate WordPress Plugins

This is the next step that you need to do. WordPress has the flexibility that allows developers to enhance its performance. This is the reason why so many people love WordPress.

I will show you how you can manually install WordPress plugins. The first step is to click Plugins.


This will bring you the Plugin page. It will show you how many plugins have been installed. You have to activate them if you want to use them.

But first, let’s add a new plugin. This will help you to find a plugin or plugins that suit your needs.

Click Add New on the top. 

You can search for a plugin that you want to use. After you find it, click Install.


Remember! This is only to install a WordPress plugin. You still need to ACTIVATE the plugin.


Just click activate. After that, you can go to the plugin settings to personalize your use. Each plugin has a different setting. Well… An SEO plugin is not the same as the image optimizer plugin. You can bet that their setting is different.


How To Delete Default Posts, Pages, and Comments in WordPress

When you have your first time WordPress site, it always comes with some default contents. You may want to get rid of these contents. It may look unprofessional if you keep them.

Click on the Posts button on your left side

This action will bring you to the Post page. It will have a list of your posts. Find the default Hello World post. Hover your mouse on the title and you will see the option to Trash it. That’s how you delete a post. In this example, I already deleted the original post so I just show you where you can find the Trash button.

Same thing with Pages. All you have to do is click the Pages button. It will have a list of your pages. Hover your mouse again over the title and delete it. Again, I already have deleted the original page that I don’t need.


For comments, it will bring you to the comment page. Hover to one of the comment that you want to delete. It will show you the Trash option. Trash it.

Or if you think that the comment came from a bot (aka SPAM), just choose the Spam button. WordPress will help you sort that kind of comments from showing up again. You can use an anti-spam plugin for extra protection, too.


How To Set Up My Website (Tutorial Video)

If you still confuse on how to set up your website, this tutorial video will help you to understand it better.


The video will be a different website because of my friend, Kyle, made it. He used his own website to show you how to set up your website.


Final Thoughts

I hope you can find that setting up your website in WordPress is not confusing. It is a bit overwhelming if you have not encounter WordPress before. Mostly because of the theme settings itself rather than the WordPress settings.

You can learn basic SEO after this. This will help your website get ranks.

If you still find it difficult to set up your website, please contact me. Leave your questions below and I will answer them as fast as a human do. 😀


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