Is Zarfund a Scam? An Honest Review


Is Zarfund a Scam? An Honest Review

Recently I have an invitation to join Zarfund. Review is definitely what I’m going to do here. I will not join something that I have not researched and reviewed. So let’s see if Zarfund is a scam or not. Is wealth really predictable?

I already encountered this kind of “charity” many years ago in Indonesia. People will leave a leaflet inside ATM booths. They will tell you that you need to donate some money to the people on the list. There will be 5 people there. After you donated, you need to change the list. Erase the person on the top list and put your name at the bottom of the list.  Copy as much as you can and put them again in the ATM Booth. This list will contain money transfer details. (And you have an ATM booth filled with junk leaflets)


What is Zarfund?

Zarfund claims that they can help you finance your big idea. No..not like KickStarter. Zarfund relies on their members to help you get the finance. It comes from donations.

Yes. Donations. Even though Zarfund is not a charity, they use the term donation. A bit fishy, I will say.

Since it is a donation, you don’t need to have a big business proposal. Well, you don’t need any business proposal. You just have to receive big enough donations until you reach your maximum limits at level 6 downlines.

Yes. Downlines. We will discuss this at how Zarfund works below. But first, who is behind Zarfund.


Who is Behind Zarfund?

His name is Hannes Jordaan. He is a guy from South Africa. From his About Us page, he claimed that he had been doing RevShares, Stokvels, GH/PH programs, Affiliate Marketing, Online Shops, Forex, Binary Options, Selling online, and a host of other different ventures and opportunities.

Well, if he had done all of that, he shouldn’t create Zarfund. Do you know why? Let’s see how Zarfund works.


How does Zarfund work?

Zarfund uses a binary MLM level. Sure. He is not saying that. He even denied that Zarfund uses a pyramid scheme. But we know better, don’t we?

Level 1 

You can join Zarfund as a member through an upline. At this level 1, you must set up monthly donation to your upline. It is as small as 0.03 Bitcoin per month. This will qualify you to receive your donation from your downlines. 2 Level 1 downlines will give you 2 x 0.03 Bitcoin.

Each month you will have a 0.03 Bitcoin profit.


A nice spill over system


Level 2

If you already have two Level 1 downlines, Zarfund will recommend you to immediately upgrade to Level 2. This can be accomplished by increasing your donation by 0.05 Bitcoin. This increase is to pay your Level 2 upline. So, in this month you donate 0.08 Bitcoin in total.

In Level 2, you will receive donation from your downlines for a total of 0.2 Bitcoin (4 person x 0.05 Bitcoin). But I wouldn’t count on that. Why? This number is assuming that all your downlines have upgraded to a Level 2 membership. The more realistic number is you have 2 Level 2 downlines and 4 more Level 1 downlines. Confusing?

You will only receive 2 x 0.03 Bitcoin. It is because you have 4 Level 1 downlines that only pay their Level 1 upline. NOT you. You have to wait for them to upgrade to Level 2 before upgrading to a Level 3 if you want to have a profitable group. This is a lot of ifs.

So your total income for Level 2 is 0.06 Bitcoin. This is from your direct downline (Level 1 Downline). You will not receive any donation from your Level 2 Downline because they are still a Level 1 members.

At this point you are already (?) making a profit 0.06 btc – 0.05 btc = 0.01 btc.

Level 3

I think you already get the picture from the Level 2 illustration. But I will give you another picture from a Level 3 profit scheme. You have to have a group that is willing to part from their money in exchange for a HOPE that they will have the same result or better.

Here we go. Let’s assume that you are willing to upgrade to a Level 3. You have to donate a total of 0.18 Bitcoin per month. You will pay 0.03 Bitcoin to your Level 1 Upline, 0.05 Bitcoin to Level 2 upline, and 0.1 Bitcoin to your Level 3 upline.

The Bitcoin that you will receive:

  • Level 1 Downline (Direct Downline) : 2 x 0.03 Bitcoin = 0.06 Bitcoin
  • Level 2 Downline (assuming they are now Level 2 members) : 4 x 0.05 Bitcoin = 0.2 Bitcoin
  • Level 3 Downline : None. Because they are still Level 1 members. They only need to donate to their upline (your level 2 Downline).

So the total is 0.26 Bitcoin per month. At this level, your supposed profit will be 0.26 btc – 0.18 btc = 0.08 btc per month.

I will not discuss Level 4 to Level 6. Why? Because the numbers will be too staggering. You will drool at how big the numbers are. Of course, the perfect condition has to be made for it to happen.


What If My Downline Goes Above My Current Level?

It is too bad for you, then. Your downline monthly payment will be skipped up to your upline with the matching donation level. You will forfeit your bonus. That’s why Zarfund is “upselling” you the upper level.

I suspect if, in your group that doesn’t have a higher level upline, the payment will go to Hannes Jordaan as the ultimate upline. That is 2 Bitcoin per month per member.



Why Use Bitcoin?

I am not against Bitcoin per se. It is just how people use it. It is a perfect payment solution for most scammers out there.

Bitcoin itself is accepted by many as a legal payment method. Sadly, Bitcoin does not employ a strict regulation for its use. They are still at an early stage in the marketing process. They still need to be accepted by major financial institutes. That’s why they just push their products to be used by many, including scammers.

I like to use PayPal. They do regulate the use of their service. PayPal has been known to reject pyramid scheme companies. They do not want to be associated with trickery or shoddy businesses.

BTW, do you know the currency rate for Bitcoin? You don’t know, right? It is still in its infant stage that so many people never heard of Bitcoin, less its currency rate. For your information, per October 2016, 1 Bitcoin is equal to USD 686.46. That’s a lot of money to donate monthly.


Final Thoughts – Is Zarfund a Scam?

I will definitely say this system is not self-sustainable. It will collapse like many other “mutual help” system. Especially, a binary pyramid scheme.

Of course, Hannes Jordaan will insist that this is not a pyramid scheme. How Zarfund works will tell you otherwise. You will need to keep recruiting members to form your own Level 6 group.

In a perfect world, this will be a big community that helps each other and everybody will be rich. Assuming there will be enough people born to fill the pyramid scheme. And you will be making 164.26 BTC ( = USD 112,757.92) per month. Phew!!

I rather build a sustainable online business and learn it the right way.


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16 thoughts on “Is Zarfund a Scam? An Honest Review

  1. Thanks for the information. I appreciate the honesty in your review and now I know to stay away from this program. There are a lot of sketchy offers out there and some are just blatantly deceptive while others are harder to see through. Thanks for posting the information for the blogging community so that we don’t waste any time.

    1. Hi Kristin,

      I am glad that you found my review helpful. Please forward this information to your blogging community. If you need reviews on certain program, please tell me about it. I will look into it and provide another honest review.

  2. Thank you for the information. It is helpful to avoid this type of a scam. People need to be educated. Many want to earn money online the wrong and the fast way that is why these MLM programs seem to succeed for a little while but will final collapse. People signing up for these programs think they are actually investing yet they have no any control of the program.

    It seems from your explanation the owner will get paid buy all Zar Fund membership. I think he is actually killing. Raking Hundreds of thousands every month, that a pure scam

    1. You are right, Jonathan.

      The owner will get rich very quickly but the members will lost a lot of money. If no work is involved, you can be sure that a “business” proposal is a scam.

      1. Arief, I think you should get a LIFE! What scam are you trying to promote?
        Like Muhammad Anees Pro said people are earning money from Zarfund.
        Don’t just crush their business without solid proof.
        Infact, my sister in the UK got 1 bitcoin already and guess how much she paid to start… Just $20!

        1. Hi adll,

          I have a life and this is what I do. I am telling people the honest opinion about Zarfund. Like I stated above, this is a binary pyramid scheme. It will collapse when new people stop coming in. Did you get mad because I am telling the truth? 😀

          And to answer your question: I WILL NOT PROMOTE A SCAM. I have been falling victim so many times that I am now a zealous protector for other people.

  3. My friend already earned 1 bitcoin in three week from zarfund do not waste time join now and make some good money

    1. Hi Anees,

      How about you? Have you made any “good” money?

      Like I said in my review, I will AVOID Zarfund. It is definitely singing Ponzi Scheme loud and clear. I hope you are listening to the lyrics.

      You should try an honest work rather than working on this Ponzi style offer.

  4. Your info is not correct, why not contact the owner himself and speak to him. There are over 230000 members and a lot of people earning much more than the owner who has his own matrix under him just like everybody else with people under him who is on level six, so if they stay active, which they do, they get the money. it does not go to the owner! He will never see the money of member 152000 because that person has his own upline and downline and same goes for all the other members. Zarfund has provided food on many families tables – this is not a scam – but I guess this is what people do if they want to promote their own programs and don’t like competition!!

    1. Hi Maddie.

      Can you point out which part that my info is not correct?
      I did my research before writing the review. I have seen this kind of scheme before. They all have failed. Ponzi scheme was the main reason for their downfall.

      Am I afraid of the competition? Actually not. I welcome them. It makes the market lively. It will bring out the best and the worst out of every participant in it. You can read my other reviews and see if I’m bias. Also try my #1 recommendation and see why I rate it #1.

    2. I totally agree with you Maddie! Zarfund has provided food on many families tables – this is not a scam – but I guess this is what people do if they want to promote their own programs and don’t like competition!! They are lifting people out of POVERTY!
      Total number of people to joined ZarFund : 315,042
      Another company that is providing A food hamper of $30 feeds a family for a month, $300 builds a new shack, $600 gives a child an education in a good school for a year, a $100 dollars feeds up to 20 infants in a home, $2 buys a warm blanket.
      Cost: $2.00 [0.0002 btc]
      If you would like to get involved and help the poor people GO FOR IT!

      1. Hi adll,

        I am still waiting for Maddie to show me which information is incorrect. Can you help her with that?
        If you can show valid information, I can adjust my review above.

        So far, no new information was given to me that can alter my opinion.

        A company doesn’t automatically become good because it helps other people. You should see the whole picture here. I need to know where the money comes from. A Ponzi scheme company definitely can use its money to “help” other people. I said it above, in a perfect world, Zarfund will be a big community where people help each other and become rich. Sadly, Ponzi scheme doesn’t allow that.

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