Learn to Build a Website with WordPress for Beginners – A Tutorial

How to build a website with WordPress for Beginners - a tutorial

How to Build a Website with WordPress for Beginners – A Tutorial

If you want to know how to build a website with WordPress, you have come to the right place. I will guide you in this tutorial. A simple step by step. Not only that, I will give you a free hosting

How to Build a Website with WordPress

Many people, like me at the beginning, are afraid to build their own websites. We don’t know any computer programming. What is a HTML? What is a CSS code?

I tried to understand how to build a website from a guidebook that even thicker than a telephone book directory. I can’t pass the first chapter because of all the lingo they used. It is too hard for me to understand.

I hope I can guide you a step by step until you have a running website. A website after your own heart.

There are a few things that you should understand before we start:

  1. The website’s name
  2. Hosting
  3. WordPress
  4. Themes
  5. Pages
  6. Posts
  7. Categories
  8. Menus
  9. Images
  10. Plugins

Wow. That’s a long list!

Do not be afraid. You can do it. Just bear it with me. If you want to ask questions, just head straight to comment section. (Down below… so far down below.. At the end of this post)

WordPress Dashboard

The Website’s Name

The first order for you to do is to choose a website name. A website name is like an address. This website name is TheOnlineBusinessNow.com. You can choose whatever name you like, as long as no one has it. The price of a good website name ranging from $10-$30.

But if you intend to buy other people’s website name, it can cost you thousand of dollars. Even million of dollars. Yes! That’s right!

Your website name, if properly branded, can be sold at a high price. Think of Apple.com. If they are willing to sell that website, it will make a lot of money.

To own a dot com address (or other dot address) you must purchase it. There are several good domain providers (website address sellers). But I really recommend SiteRubix.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is like giving your house (your domain) to a maintenance team. Hosting provider will have to give you:

  • A way for visitors to come. A broad way is preferable.
  • A storage for your files, images, videos and everything else
  • A security from viruses and scammers
  • Backups for your sites (this feature might not be offered by some hosting providers)

Like I said above, I really recommend you to use SiteRubix. They are really giving you 2 FREE websites for you to choose. You just need to choose your own website name (of course the domain name will be SiteRubix.com)

Choose your name below. It is FREE!

After choosing your name, you will be ready to build your own website.

But first, Why SiteRubix?

  • 2 FREE websites with hosting. (This is to taste their service)
  • No Pop-ups and advertising
  • 24/7 Support
  • Fast and Reliable servers
  • Security (Whois blocking feature is included with no additional charge if you buy a domain from them)
  • Backups for your websites
  • A very competitive price (if you want to purchase a dot com address)
  • Premium members can have 50 SiteRubix websites and another 50 websites hosted here for no additional costs.

WordPress is The Website Platform That I Choose.

After choosing your FREE (or buying) website, you will be ready to build your website. I will not show you how to setup your domain on other providers. It is simply because SiteRubix really makes your website building so easy.

WordPress is one of the favorites website platforms for most website builders. It is because WordPress is so easy to deal with. Those programmers (people that know HTML and CSS coding) are having fun with WordPress. The result? We have tons of WordPress themes.

By the way, if you know a little bit of HTML and CSS coding, this will be a great help when you want to adjust your WordPress theme. But it isn’t necessary. Some of my websites use a standard theme without editing anything.

After activating your domain name inside SiteRubix domain, you will be directed to your website’s WordPress theme selection.

Time to Choose Your ThemesAstrid Theme from AThemes

This is the process that gave me a headache. Literally, there are tons of WordPress themes. There are free themes and there are paid themes. For your sake of learning (and your pocket’s), I will recommend you to choose a free theme.

You can choose my theme, Astrid if you like. It is a free theme. Additional plugins at a very reasonable price are available. The Astrid theme is a very responsive theme.

I will recommend you to get a responsive theme. A responsive theme will adjust itself to your website visitors’ gadgets. A desktop appearance will be totally different from a mobile appearance. Especially the images. A responsive theme will adjust how big the image will be shown according to the reader’s gadget. You do not want to have a big image on a small screen gadget.

Of course, you are free to choose another theme. The basic will be the same. Different themes will have different additional functionalities.

Pages vs Posts in WordPress

People often confuse between a page and a post. They are actually different but can be a bit confusing.

A page is a page. Just like pages in a book. You can do everything here with a page. The main difference with a post is pages are not automatically shown on your homepage. You have to put them on the menu.Wordpress post

Pages are usually not time stamped. They do not need comments. (but you can change the setting to allow comments). That ‘s why if you have an evergreen content, you may prefer writing it on Page rather than Post.

For Example:

Different from pages, posts are shown automatically if you have a blog post roll. This is where people find your newest article.

For Example:

  • News
  • Current events
  • Product reviews

If you want to check my an example from this website:

Page : My #1 Recommendation
Post : Ways to Overcome Writer’s Blocks


This is different from a tag. While both Category and Tag seemingly have the same function (SEO-wise), but they are different. Tags can’t be put into the Menu. Category can.

The category will be beneficial when you are trying to group Pages and Posts that have the same subject. I have these categories:

  • Blogs
  • Build a Website
  • Business and Financial Education

All the “Build a Website” topics will be under that category. Of course, all the “Business and Financial Education” topics will be under Business and Financial Education Menu.

Please do not have too many categories. Categories will help define what your website is all about. If you have too many categories, people will be confused. Too much information paralysis, so they called.

MenusWordpress menu

Menus are used to display categories, posts, or pages, or other links. Depending on your themes, you can have one or two head menus.

And also depends on your theme, some menus can have 4 levels of hierarchy.

You can see that I have a top menu consist of Latest Posts, My #1 Recommendation, and About Us.

My Latest Posts menu has 1 hierarchy below it: Blogs, Build a Website, and Business and Financial Education. I use my categories here as Menus. You can use Page and Post as a menu, too.


This is where all your images are stored. Find out what size your theme recommends. Each theme has a preferable size. For a general rule, do not upload big size images. Why? Because it will slow down your website loading time.

You have encountered a website that has big image size, haven’t you? The image took forever to load. And then, what did you do? You left, right?

You do not want people to leave your website too soon. You want them to read the whole thing and decide on your Call To Action. They will leave because of the loading time.

Make sure you have optimized all your images. It will help speed up loading time. A plugin can help you with this.


A plugin is essentially an add on to your basic WordPress feature. This is what makes WordPress a favorite amongst website builders. You can have multiple add-ons.

Just remember! Too many plugins can slow down your website loading time. I usually have about 10 plugins.

These are the “basic” plugins that you need to put on your website:

  1. All in One SEO. This plugin will help you to adjust all your SEO settings. You can customize your meta tag, meta descriptions, add Google Analytics, etc. Basically, all you need to enhance your SEO performance.
  2. EWWW Image Optimizer. This is the plugin that you need to optimize your images. (Remember what I said about loading time?). This plugin will help you to have a “smaller” image that can load faster without the quality loss.
  3. Comet Cache. This plugin will help you to manage your cache settings. Your WordPress will have a lot of caches if you continuously add and edit your contents. Too many caches can slow down your website. Clearing cache on a regular basis is important. This plugin will clear cache if it notices a change in your WordPress.
  4. Social Media Feather. This is a plugin that will help you (and your readers) to share your article to Social Media. It supports a wide range of Social Media. The plugin is so light and fast. I don’t need any “animations” that can slow down my website. You just need to click the social media icon and it will share the article.
  5. WP-Spamshield. This actually comes with standard WordPress plugin. This plugin will help you in stopping spam. You do not want your website breaks down because of spammers. Or filled with weird comments from spam robots. This is a very important plugin.
    Of course, I have several other plugins set up on my WordPress dashboard. But I will not share those plugins with you. Why? Because it is just a “cosmetics” plugin. Not the essential ones.

Final thoughts

I know that building a website is not really that easy. Some people even gave up. I almost gave up. There are too many things to learn at the beginning. Even I admit that I don’t know everything.

I learn new things about how to build a website with WordPress every day. I learn a bit of HTML and CSS coding. I learn how to edit images. I learn how to put videos on my website.

There are so many new things to learn.

Get your FREE website now and start building your own website!

If you want to ask about your website or about plugins or anything WordPress, leave your questions in the comment section below.  I will try my best to help you, either with answers or directions to the answer.


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16 thoughts on “Learn to Build a Website with WordPress for Beginners – A Tutorial

  1. This looks easier than I thought it would be. I have always wanted to create my own website but didn’t really know where to start or look for guidance. So WordPress is the way to go. I’ve heard of it before but didn’t really know how to use it. So if I get this free website, will I get to learn all the things you’ve learnt or do I have to Google it?

    1. Hi Nigel,

      It is not hard to build a website. Please do create your own website. The free website from SiteRubix comes with tools and tutoring. You will have access to other website builders, too. They are ready to help. SiteRubix even has a live chat where you can interact with others.

  2. In my own personal experience, I was afraid to build a website at the beginning of my journey in online business because I was overwhelmed by the technical coding knowledge required. The reality is, that knowledge isn’t necessarily required anymore thanks to platforms like WordPress. You can have the backend of a website up-and-running within minutes with just a few clicks. It’s really amazing. Technological advancements have made things much easier for internet entrepreneurs over the years.

    1. You are right, Matthew. WordPress makes everything about website so easy. There are plenty of plugins, too. You just need to focus on the content. People loves good content. They do not focus on the “beauty” of the website so much.

      But writing content can have its own difficulties. If you want to break from a writer’s block, check my article here.

  3. This is an excellent guide for beginning with WordPress. I definitely wish I had something as simple to follow as this when I first started experimenting with my own blog. I think the list of good plugins is excellent as well. Some I already use, and some I will have to look into using. Great post!

    1. Hello Pete,

      I was having difficulties when I learn to build a website with WordPress, too. That’s why I wrote this article. I really hoped that people will have an easier process with this guide. Hope you will build a great website.


  4. I love this site, lots of good information, so helpful ! As I am building my site this was nice 🙂 thank you !

  5. Arief, I commend you on how well you explained how to use WordPress. I’m still learning the lingo and found this to be extremely helpful. I’m bookmarking your site. Thank you and keep up the awesome work!

  6. Really thorough tutorial Arief. I use WordPress as well and think it’s a great platform. Much better than others I use.

  7. This is a very thorough explanation of how to build a wordpress website for beginners.

    I started a blog about a year ago and have found it really easy to navigate through the content management system.

    As I learn I can spend more time learning how to make more advanced changed to my website since I have a great understanding of the basics.

    1. Thank you so much, Jeremy.

      I am glad that the tutorial has helped people like you. Even though this is a basic tutorial, all the SEO tricks are covered. All the advance tricks are just variations of the basics (i.e. more focus than just the basic).

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