Ways to Overcome Writer’s Blocks


Ways to Become a Better Writer

Why do you have to overcome writer’s blocks? One important aspect of having an online business is to have a fresh website. A fresh website can be obtained by bringing new posts at an interval pace. Why? Because Google loves steady fresh contents. Your website will rank better and will continue to be on the SERP.

But every now and then, you will hit a thick wall. You just don’t know what to write. You think you already have written everything that you have known. There are no new subjects that you can cover. A writer’s block is a real thing. If you know how to overcome a writer’s block then you will have ways to become a better writer.

I have encountered it several times and really do not know what to write. Even I can’t brainstorm subjects. Topics seem to be irrelevant for me to write. I can’t think of anything. If this has happened to you, we are in the same boat.

Here are some tips to overcome your writer’s blocks:

  1. Drink some herbal tea
  2. Light some candles
  3. Eat
  4. Get some sun on your skin
  5. Find another person
  6. Scribble
  7. Clothes make the men / women
  8. Get moving
  9. Take a good long bath
  10. Enough for today

Drink Some Herbal Teaa cup of tea will do you wonders

This has been proven to help change your mood and your focus. I love a peppermint tea as it helps me with my focus and digestion. In a cold night, a ginger tea is always welcome. I also love a warm lemon juice.

But I have to mention coffee as my herbal, too. I love to drink it but most of all, I love the smell of a freshly brewed coffee.

Light Some Candles

Aromatherapy candles, that is. Pick your own favourite aroma. I love lavender as it calms me. I also love a sweet aroma like strawberry. But I found that cajuput helps me with my focus. My mind (and my nose) seems to be free from any obstacles and the creativity returns. Words are flowing again.


An empty stomach always gets in the way. I can’t think when I’m hungry. I am not suggesting you to get a full meal every now and then. A quick bite of that chocolate bar can do wonders.

A healthy and maintained blood sugar during your writing moments will get the engine working smoothly. Never underestimate a low blood sugar. 😀

Get Some Sun on Your Skinget some vitamin d

People nowadays are always inside the building. They forget that we need the sun, just like any living thing on this earth. Get some vitamin Ds.

Get out there. Take a walk. Smell the fresh air. I really love to take a long walk after a rain. The air is so fresh. I love the smell of a wet ground. Something in there just makes my mind so calm.

Find another person

I am not telling you to go gossipping around but people is a great source. You can hear about new cars, technologies, news, etc. Yes, there will be some gossips. And if you are a novel writer, you can use that gossip as a seasoning herb in your storyline.


I have a whole drawing book just for scribbling. I let my mind wonder around. I let my pencil just draw anything. Sometimes a scenery, most of the time a kindergarten’s work of art. Anything.

I just let my creative brain do the job. It will trigger a chain reaction that will get me ideas.

Clothes make the men / women

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t work in your pyjamas. But I have found that when I’m dressing up for a work, my mind will be ready for work.

It is a mind game. If you are still in your pyjamas, your brain will tell you that you should go to sleep. But when you change the outfit, your mind will also change its attitude. Just get out from that pyjamas. I think I’m saying you should not work in your pyjamas, after all.

A song from Roxette, Dressed for Success, is suddenly playing in my head.

Get Movinglets get moving

Get up. Get a drink. Go to a toilet. Just get up and get moving, will you? The longer you sit, the less oxygen your brain gets. You need to get moving once every one hour. 5 minutes walk after an hour of sitting will do magic to your health and to your creativity.

It is best if you can have a standing workplace rather than a desk and a chair.

Take a good long bath

I also found that a good and relaxing long bath is beneficial. But not that long that you fall asleep, okay?
A fresh body will freshen up your mind, too. So, please take a shower. Clean that blocks out of your mind.

Enough for today

I love to quote the Bible. Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

If you seem to really hit a big wall, then just stop for the day. Take a rest. You may have reached your limit for the day. Put the notepad on the table. Shut the computer down. It is time to get off from work. But remember to return to it tomorrow!

Final thoughts

You will eventually hit a writer’s block. Do not give up! You will hit some more of that block along the way.
It is so easy to overcome. Just let your mind off from the topic for a while. Then get back to it.

I really hope that this guide will help you to overcome your writing block. An online business really needs fresh posts at a steady interval. Write more now!

Do you have another way to overcome it? Share it with me down below.


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10 thoughts on “Ways to Overcome Writer’s Blocks

  1. This is the bane of my life. I constantly get writers block but I must admit, not many items on your list came to mind when thinking how to overcome this problem! Although I do love eating so I’ll give this one a go!
    I suppose what has worked in the past is to walk away and do anything for an hour or so. Coming back later has proven to work on occasions. I must try some of your other tips.

    1. LOL. I love eating, too. It is a time for gathering and exchange news with friends and families.

      Yes. I seldom eat alone. I prefer a large group where I can talk and have conversations. It will be a pleasant break from writing.

      Thank you for dropping by, Nigel.

  2. Hi there! This is a really good article and something that I was thinking about only the other day. I write content for a website that I run and like you say, I know its important to write content on a regular basis and therefore I need to come up with fresh content all the time.

    At first writing content seems like a pretty easy task. But then when you have produced quite a few pages or posts, the production starts to slow down! Writers block kicks in and it becomes harder to write.

    One of the things that you mention here is simply getting up and moving about, making a drink and simply taking a break from it. I know now that if all else fails I just leave it and come back to writing the following day!

    Thanks for the extra tips!

    1. Hi Andrew,

      I’m glad that I’m not the only one with this problem. My favorites are to take a walk and shower afterward.

      A change of scenery and a cold shower can clear my mind. I usually will have new ideas and perspectives.

      Have fun writing!

  3. As an online content writer, I occasionally come across writer’s block that prevents me from progressing with my articles 🙁

    I really am Thankful for your 10 ways to overcome this block which I should imagine affects a lot of other bloggers too!

    Getting moving seems like my most favorite option here 🙂 Do you think a quick jog around the block would also work?


    1. Hi Neil,

      Jog is a good way to get moving. You should consider regular jogs. It will help you clear your mind and boost your metabolism.

      Go now! Have fun!

  4. The right post for me. I think I’ll read it every day :). Great tips for me at least. Sometimes or most of the time I run out of ideas. I like the tip for the ” a bite of a chocolate bar can do wonders”, the long bath and having a drawing book handy.

    1. Hi Patricia.

      I love to walk around mal. Hahaha. A change of scenery always helps me. Ideas will flow like total waves afterward.

      Doodling also helps me. I might take an hour scribbling anything that comes to mind.

  5. I am trying to build a website and do at times struggle from writers block. So this post was post informative and useful.

    I was surprised by the idea of using candles. I have a few candles in my house, so next time I do get stuck I will try lighting them.

    I also like the idea of just leaving it for the day. You are right about that as sometimes you do just need a break. When you come back you will have a fresh pair of eyes and this has helped me in the past. Thank you for reminding me about that.

    1. Hi Owain,

      Sometimes it is the simplest thing that can make you break your writer’s blocks.

      Aromatic candle is really easy. Just lit it and your mood will boost and clear your head.

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