Where Can I Get Free SSL Certificates From?

Where To Get Free SSL Certificates-The Online Business Now

Where Can I Get Free SSL Certificates From?

The Online Business Now is proudly saying that it got a free SSL certificate from its website hosting provider. Yes. You read that right. It is a FREE SSL certificate. Do you want to know how we get it? Read on.

secure SSL certificate the online business now

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a protocol that protects and secures internet communication. This is not a new thing actually. SSL certificate has been used for the last couple of years by financial institutes to secure their financial data. You do not want your credit card information leaks, do you?

This is also to protect your other information. Let say that you are connecting to PayPal through your friend’s WIFI connection. Your username and password will be encrypted because PayPal uses an SSL certificate. Your friend can not steal your sensitive information.


Why I Need SSL Certificate?

If you own a website, you definitely want to manage it. Sometimes you just want to manage it when you are at Starbucks. A public connection is susceptible to phishing. People may steal your login information to your website and tamper with your private data.

That’s why you need to install your own private security protocol. You need to acquire an SSL certificate.

Another point to mention here, if you want to sell things and accept credit card information, people will only trust websites that have SSL Certificates.


How Do I Know That My Website is Secured?

Google check if a site is safe to visit - the online business now

The first sign of a secured website is it uses a https:// address instead of a http:// one. Notice the different in a letter “s” (means secure). In Google Chrome, you may see that there is a green locked padlock and the word Secure (in green, too).  Those things are the obvious sign that the website is secured.

If you see a circle with i in it, it means that the site isn’t using a secure connection. Someone might be able to see what information that you send through this connection. Of course, I would suggest you not to input anything sensitive through this connection.

If you see a red triangle with an exclamation mark inside it, it means the connection is not secure even DANGEROUS. It might contain malware and viruses. Your data might fall into the hands of the dark side.

Another thing is to use Google to do a search for that domain. Google provides us with a feature called Safe Browsing.  They help tens of millions of people every week protect themselves from harm by showing warnings to users of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari when they attempt to navigate to websites that would steal their personal information or install software designed to take over their computers.

I also find whynopadlock.com also helps. You just put the URL that you want to check and they will give you all the problems why your website has no green padlock.


Where Can I Get Free SSL Certificates From?

I can safely say that you should NOT get a free SSL certificate. A free security? Come on. You can believe that there is such thing, can’t you?

It is like saying you ask for a free security guard to keep safe your valuables. Do you think the guard will give his life to protect your valuables? I don’t think so. That’s why when you hire a bodyguard, you will ask for the best and PAY for it.

What about a free SSL certificate that I got? Well, I got it from my web hosting provider. They just launched the additional protection this new year. They charge no additional cost for this premium feature.


Price Comparison

I know that you will say PREMIUM SSL Certificate for FREE - The Online Business Nowthat I might exaggerate a bit about SSL certificates being a premium feature. But again, I believe you are searching a free SSL certificate because you already found out how expensive it is.

I will give you a price list from Symantec, a brand that is well-known for computer related security. It started as a computer antivirus and evolved to cover a lot more, such as SSL certificates provider.

Symantec charges you with a huge bill. The cheapest SSL will deduct $399 from your saving per year! The full service will cost $1,999 yearly. WOW! That’s a huge hole in your pocket!

Well… how much do I get charged from my web hosting? Only $49 per month or $359 per year. It is cheaper if you pay annually.

What do I get from my web hosting? For that $359 per year, I can host 50 domains without limitations on how big the data I will use. I also get another 50 SiteRubix domains for free. The SSL certificate will be applied to my original 50 websites. Not the SiteRubix domains, though.


What Is My Web Hosting Provider?

It is a high-tech company that has a great support. Not only they provide web hostings, they also give you a community where you can learn how to build a website from a scratch. It is called Wealthy Affiliate. You can read more about them here.

They give a full web hosting package. You can buy domains from them for a very competitive price at $13.99 per year.

The other benefit of having your domains hosted in Wealthy Affiliate is a FREE whois protection. People can’t look into your details if you have a protected whois details. At other web hosting services, this protection can set you back $10-$15 per year. Cheap you say? I say I got it for free. 😀

Remember, you still have to pay for domain hosting and SSL certificates. In the end, you can end up paying for almost $2,500 per year for a domain.


Final Thoughts

Do not give your security to a free security service.

I love my web hosting provider, Wealthy Affiliate. They give you so much more than you can expect from any web hosting providers.

They give you:

  1. Hosting service for 50 domains (No limit on the data)
  2. FREE 50 SiteRubix domains
  3. FREE Whois protection (for all 50 domains)
  4. FREE SSL certificate (for all 50 domains)
  5. A fast and responsive site support.
  6. A competitive price for buying new domains.
  7. TRAINING on how to build a website and have an online business.
  8. A community that is ready to help you with your website.

Get your web hosting and FREE SSL certificate here.

All that for only $359 per year (or $49 per month if you want to pay monthly). This is where I get my free SSL certificates from. How about you? Can you beat the price or the service?


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8 thoughts on “Where Can I Get Free SSL Certificates From?

  1. That’s a great post as you have really explained SSL Certificates very well to anybody who would be thinking about joining WA.

    I think it’s great that WA has given all it’s premium members SSL Certificates and has not charged us any extra for them as they would probably be within their rights to do so.

    I’t’s a good feeling that we can be assured that our websites are secure and I understand now that we need to tell Google through the Google Console but I believe there is some new training just released on this for us to take advantage of.

    1. You are right, Adrian. Jay has just gave out a video training about telling Google about our new https:// websites. It will help our websites rank better in Google search result.

      And what a bargain, right? As a premium member, you are given free SSL certificates for free for all 50 domains hosted on Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. Hi Arief,

    Thanks for the great information. Free SSL Certificates is a feature that all websites should have. Why? because all of your edits to your website will be encrypted and safe, all of your logins will be encrypted and safe, and your website is going to be preferred by Google when it comes to rankings and positioning.

    And just to add, Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate are getting a bargain for their 50 sites, because SSL Certificates cost around $100 per year just for one site. What a deal!

    1. Yes, Gaylene.
      It is a great deal to get ALL 50 SSL certificates for all 50 domains at a bargain price. You can’t find that kind of deal out there. Encryption is a key to safety. When you want to get ahead in the competition, you need to put security on your website.

      I am glad Wealthy Affiliate as my web hosting provider gives out FREE SSL certificates because I am a premium membership there.

  3. Wow that sounds like a great deal! 50 websites with free SSL certificates for just $359 a year.

    When I first started working online I was using a shared hosting company and it was only about $7 a month but I only had 2 websites and it definitely did not provide us with free SSL certificates.

    I will have to check out this awesome platform you speak of.

    1. Hey Jeremy.

      It is a GREAT deal. I couldn’t find it anywhere else.

      If I am going to use your subscription price, it will be:

      50 websites = $175 a month. That is expensive.

      And you have to add WHOIS protection and SSL Certificate, too. It will cost you limbs out there.

      Better check my web hosting provider! Hurry!

  4. Hello Arief, thank you for another informative and a good post. You ‘caught me out’ when you asked about obtaining free SSL Certificates. I was curious 🙂 Promoting WA by highlighting the free security is good. I was led to believe the cost of this security was about $100 yearly elsewhere. Of course this adds up the more websites someone owns. Using WA as a hosting service could now be seen as an even better value than it was before with ALL that is included for a monthly fee of $47-49.

    1. Hi EJ,
      It can cost over $100 for SSL certificates elsewhere. You were not deceived. I was window shopping to add the security to my websites and was dumbfounded. The cost is going to kill me. LOL.
      Thank God my website hosting provider gave it to all its subscriber for free. No additional cost but my hosting fee only. Wealthy Affiliate does a good job there!

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