Your Call To Action Button On A Website – Phrases and Examples


Your Call To Action Button On A Website – Phrases and Examples

What is a call to action button on a website? Why do you need the effective call to action buttons? How to write a call to action copy? We will go into detail about this wonderful button that you can use to promote your marketing. Yes, a call to action button for marketing!


The Definition of A Call To Action (CTA) Button.

A call to action button can be defined as a persuasion (or instruction) to urge people to click it immediately. It literally is a “call” to take an “action”.

Here’s the catch: It is hard to persuade people! You can’t put buttons that say “Click Here” and people will voluntarily click them. You need to make them effective call to action buttons.


Here is a Checklist for Effective Call To Action Buttons

  1. Design! Design! Design!
  2. Action Copy
  3. Give Something Valuable
  4. A Landing Page


Design! Design! Design!

An effective Call To Action button will have to catch your attention. It should stand out from the rest of the page. You need to direct people’s attention to that specific spot on your website. This is the only place where you should use a color that contrasts your website’s color. The size should be big enough, too. I will recommend 225 pixels wide and 45 pixels high.


Action Copy

Copywriting is something that should not be passed. You need to have a “sales” copy that really sells. People will not blindly click your call to action button. They are looking for information, not images. So give them information!

You should use Subjects and Verbs. This is one tip that you should not forget. If you are not including a verb in the CTA copy, you aren’t prompting readers to take action. They will not know what to do which can hurt the click-through rate of your call to action and negatively impact conversions.


Give Something Valuable

People will click your button if they know what they are getting. Are they signing up for your newsletter? Are they expecting an eBook? Are they registering for a webinar? Your Call To Action button should clearly state what they are getting in exchange of a single click.


A Landing Page

Where will the call to action button take the readers to? Your CTA should lead people to a certain landing page. Bear in mind the customer life cycle. People that is in the gathering information stage will not click Buy Now button.


Your Call To Action Phrases and Examples

Jimmy Kim, CEO from Sendlane, wrote these amazing lists. Here are CALL TO ACTION words that WORK:

  1. Click Here
  2. Click Now
  3. Download Now
  4. Immediate download
  5. Download Immediately
  6. Instant Download
  7. Instantly Download
  8. Learn Today
  9. Take Action Today
  10. Take Action Now
  11. One Step Closer
  12. Step One (Step One: Click Here, Step One: Enter Your Email, Go to Step Two)
  13. It’s Your Opportunity
  14. Opportunity Awaits
  15. Try it free
  16. Join now
  17. Join the Club
  18. Your Invitation
  19. Get Yours Now
  20. Get it Now
  21. Grab Yours Now
  22. Grab Your Free Copy (eBook, Offer)
  23. Reserve Your Seat NOW
  24. Offer expires in/on _______
  25. For a short time only
  26. Limited Time
  27. R.S.V.P Only
  28. Sign Up Now and receive a free gift
  29. Request your FREE Book today
  30. Money Back Promise
  31. Best value
  32. Only 15 Copies Left
  33. Expires at midnight tonight
  34. Free Offer Ends 12pm EST
  35. ACT NOW
  36. Sign up now, while you still can…

Of course, you can edit the words above to match your offers. You will notice that those words have the same core values.


How To Write Your Call To Action Compelling Copy

The same core values that those words have are:

  1. They convey “What’s in it for me” value. Nobody wants to get sold. They want values. They want to make their lives easier. They want something for themselves. So give them something.
  2. Create an Urgent Situation. Why do I need this today? That’s the question that has to be answered. You can use scarcity to your advantage, “While stocks last…”
  3. Make It Personal. Google Analytics can help you learn where your readers come from and what are their preferences. Use it to your advantage. I know that my readers want to learn about building a website and they can get a free course from me.
  4. Present Testimonials. Your satisfied customers are one of your arsenals. You can use their testimonials to even boost your click through rate. That’s why more and more landing pages are using this tactic.
  5. Use Questions as Headlines. Follow them with a short answer. A question can help to predict what your readers might be interested in. It can also help to spark their interest even more.whats-in-it-for-me-call-to-action-button-phrases-and-examples
  6. Use a Subtle but Confident Language. Like I previously mentioned, people do not like being sold. People like to think they know better than you. Use that. Make them think the idea to buy is from their own voice. Use less commanding and more thought provoking language.
  7. Make It Short. Create your call to action copy concise. Keep it between 90-150 characters. Don’t write a long copy that makes your readers confuse. They might “speed read” your offer and miss it. People have a really short attention span (or patience). They want to know immediately what you are offering.
  8. Above The Fold. This is about the design. Always and always put your CTA above the fold. Do not let people scroll down to find it. This is true. I found that I am lazy to scroll down. A good placement can attract the attention.


Create Your Own Call To Action Button

I have a really simple suggestion. Please use Microsoft Paint.


Yes. You can create a Call To Action button using Microsoft Paint. I have underestimated its power for too long. Granted. There are a lot of other super power image editing software on the Internet. From a free one to a premium money grabbing image editor.

I mainly use Microsoft Paint to edit my screen capture images. Just crop, resize and add text. That’s all the feature that I use. I didn’t know that it has some gems inside it. We can create a call to action button with it.

  1. Load your Microsoft Paint.
  2. Look for Shapes feature. Choose the shape of your CTA button. I prefer the rounded
  3. Click and drag to your preferable size.
  4. Fill it with your choice of
  5. Add

See. It is so simple to create a call to action button. If you want some other powerful software, I can recommend GIMP and Pixlr. If you are not familiar with an image editor, there is a steep learning curve to learn both programs, especially GIMP.

Another image editor that is worth mentioning here is Canva. You can design your call to action button a little bit easier than Pixlr. You just have to be brave and explore all the feature.

Final Words

It is important that you have a Call To Action Button. Effective Call To Action phrase will bring a higher click through rate. You need to design and put them above the fold. It will help your niche website to capture email list or sell more stuff or anything that you want from your CTA.

How do you use your CTA button? Do you make it yourself? Can you share your CTA experiences?


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10 thoughts on “Your Call To Action Button On A Website – Phrases and Examples

  1. This is a really helpful post. I have heard before about call to action, but in regard to butttons. I will have to have a think about where I can put these on my site. I do like that I can add them to pictures, so I will have to give this a try. It’s also good to know that I can use Microsoft paint to create these buttons, so thank you.

    1. Hi Owain,

      It is a good idea to edit your images and incorporate some CTA phrases and buttons. It will help to increase your Click Through Rate.

      Microsoft Paint is the simplest free tool that you can use.

  2. Hi Arief,

    Thanks for sharing this article. My CTA is always text and not buttons. Although I know buttons will stand out more, I’m not sure if it’s suitable for my recipes blog. If you could check on any of my recipe posts, is there anything I can do to improve my CTA?

    1. Hi Yvonne,

      You can use CTA for your opt-in form. It will help you build a list for your newsletter.
      Your website is wonderful. It makes me hungry. 😀

  3. Agree with you that nobody is just going to click on a dull button. Tested that with my subscription button. Initially it was “Subscribe”. Nothing happened for months. Then I created a free Guide and designed a nice looking cover. Now the button says “YES, I want mindfulness now”. And subscribers are increasing by the weeks if not days.

    1. Hi Kenny,
      You were right when you decided to change a simple “Submit” to value trigger words. People do not want to give you their emails without something in return. It is always “what’s in it for me” in our mindset.

  4. This is a really great post.

    As I recall, it is better practice to put those CTA buttons inside a review page and not inside informative articles right?

    An example would be posting some informative pages and then linking them to another review page which includes those CTA buttons, which will redirect traffic to the affiliate website.

    1. Hi Xaric,

      It really depends on your strategy. Informative posts can have CTAs, too. Just do A/B tests to see what’s working for you.

  5. Hi there. I just finished reading your post on creating a call to action and just wanted to drop you a comment to say thanks.

    I love the list of examples you have provided here. Sometimes as website builders I think we get stuck in a process of doing and saying the same old thing. This list has given me some great ideas for call to action buttons. I particularly like the “one step closer” example.

    Thank you for this, I really appreciate it!

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Your call to action button should not be too complex. Just say a simple and clear thing so that people will ACT upon it.

      Using the same old thing, if it works, is very advisable. People will not get bored. After all, it is a call to action.

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